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The #1 CPA Network in the world. For over a decade, TrafficCashMine has been redefining the meaning of trust between advertisers and affiliates.

The TrafficCashMine when we first started our business, We knew that by having the expertise, knowledge and passion for developing new features and the knowledge of the company.

The TrafficCashMine Affiliate Network was founded on a difference: To give smart, successful publishers the respect they deserve and the one-on-one service they need to become even more successful.

Sign Up today & benefit from the company most converted top converting offers, the highest paying affiliate programs in the business.

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    How do i create my personal account?

    Register and get approved to join the program.

    Connect to 'Create' via your affiliate account.

    Place an affiliate link on your website or in your emails.

    Have friends and colleagues sign up for their own Create. websites using your affiliate link.

    Earn money for each person who subscribes!

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    Yet so many businesses set up their refer-a-friend programs in a way that nobody could ever use it.

    They bury them deep in the interface, make the sharing process obscure and some never even consider asking users for help.

    In this post, you’ll learn how to do the opposite – optimize the friend invitation program to get users to tell others about your product.

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    Enjoy your life

    Unique Users – this category includes your entire user or customer base that actively engages with your product.


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